Strategy & Vision

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Our group vision is to be accredited by professionals to be the reflection of top International fully integrated tin producers, with a sharp focus on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society, and a commitment to build core ethical value by making us a truly sustainable company.The Group's niche expertise in tin is continually being strengthened in all areas over the entire global tin supply chain covering geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting, marketing and resource management and financing.Singatin will pursue its growth strategy on its core business in tin through strategic acquisitions and organic growth where its core expertise, skills and capabilities can add value and make a difference particularly in increasing operating efficiencies, innovating products and services and forging global commercial and marketing networks to ensure its continued leadership position in the industry.
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Investment opportunities will continue to be evaluated and the Group may in future decide to invest in selective projects that meet its investment criteria. Main emphases will be on opportunities in regions where the country risks could be effectively managed and that the mines could be developed and operated with relatively lower cost structure.

We shall be tailoring our goals to surpass our marks. Benchmarking the best and reach beyond their rest. Measuring every goal completion against timeline. Mandatory Evaluation on achievement without compromising any level of social consciousness and responsibilities.rnational 100 Award for 2014. (Overseas Turnover Excellence Award)