About Our Group

Singatin Group will pursue its strategy on our core business in tin the industry through strategic partnership and organic growth. Strengthening our valued added services and making a difference in operating efficiencies, technologies and innovations to serve and forge a global network of clients.

Singatin Group is a proud member in one of the world's most prestigious exchange bureau, Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX). ICDX has an expectation in qualifying their members and implements strictest rules to enforce highest standards in the qualities in Indonesia's refined tin production. In line with ICDX compliances, Singatin Group has consistently increases our audited annual revenue. This year, 2016, The Singatin Group is on track in achieving our projected revenue of USD 300 million.

Our expertise in tin industry has been strengthening in different areas from Exploration, Exploitation and Extraction. These 3Es focus in technologies development that encompasses a risk-based decision in making the framework for the integrated environmental management of tin sediments in order to reduce the environmental impacts in Tin Exploration, Exploitation and Extraction. Our goal is to lower the cost of environmental quality analysis and management. Selection of the best tin sediment management option by using a risk-based approach of integrated environmental management that has the potential to help effectively balance and prioritize the various social, economic, environmental, technical and managerial aspects in 3Es.

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